Executive Marketing FiveGuards

5Guards Management or FiveGuards Management, under the legal company "CV 5Guards" is more confidence to improve, develop and expand the products. As well, the services to domestic companies and overseas companies. The executive marketing FiveGuards reaches all sides of problems and obstacles to give solutions. 5Guards Management has just engaged to PT Wastec International to be an Executive Marketing for his great products in recycling waste and hazardous leftovers.

  1. Core Services
    • Treatment of industrial waste solid, sludge, & liquid.
    • Treatment of infectious or medical waste.
    • Collection of dry and wet batteries.
    • Transport division of hazardous waste and dangerous goods.
  2. Other Services
    • Environmental engineering and consulting services.
    • Environmental laboratory testing
    • Total drilling waste management (TDWM).
    • Industrial waste water treatment.
    • Oil tank cleanup & oily sludge recovery.
    • Contaminated site cleanup.
    • Collection of catalyst.
    • Onsite services (Hex cleaning, burns rapid, etc.)
The earliest step after the contract is lodging & trucking from your warehouse to our plant to process into a friendly environment stuffs. All the trucks and transportation are licensed and equipped perfectly, as well the drivers. We plays secured and legal.
5Guards Management Indonesia commits to PT Wastec International to be altogether maintain the green environment by following the procedures professionally. Check the details right away!

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